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Sailboat racing
NOR Rating works on behalf of boat owners and sailors racing with cruisers and performance keel boats in Norway. Races may take place on short courses in sheltered waters, as distance races along the coast, or offshore. A rating certificate allows boats of various designs to compete under rating rules, also known as handicaps. Boats range in size from 25 to 50 feet and above.

Local Yacht Clubs
Races are organized by local yacht clubs and are regularly announced on the clubs’ websites. Some are also announced on the Manage2Sail portal or Yacht clubs in Norway are located along the coast, from the Swedish border in the South-East to the area of the Oslofjord, along the Norwegian South to the fjords and scattered islands of the West Coast, up past the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands and beyond.

Rating Rules
NOR Rating promotes sail racing under rating rules. Certificates complying with Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) rules are in wisespread use. NOR Rating supports its members through information on topics related to racing and assists yacht clubs in organising races.  

NOR Rating is formally a class assosiation, counting 800-1000 member boats, within the Norwegian Sailing Federation, Norges Seilforbund (NSF). NOR Rating is governed by a board elected biannually by its members. Practical and "technical" tasks, particularly boat measuring and the issuing of certificates, are performed by the NSF Service Office.

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Want to race in Norway?
Assuming you are already a member of a World Sailing-affiliated yacht club in your home country and have a registered boat with national sail numbers, you only have to acquire an ORC Club certificate issued  by NSF or an ORC International certificate and sign up for a race.

Prepare well in advance. Usually, when a valid certificate from a national rating system is provided, a Norwegian ORC Club certificate may be bought without a full re-remeasuring of the boat. 

For a certificate, contact:
Service Office of the NSF
Telephone +47 21 02 90 00
Email: mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..