Offshore Racing Congress, sammen med Norges Seilforbund og Kongelig Norsk Seilforening, inviterer til måleseminar som vist nedenfor. Seminaret omfatter grunnlaget for ORC-målebrev, dvs. ORC International og vårt vanlige NOR Rating målebrev, ORC Club. Formålet er i første rekke å sikre målerkapasitet til VM Doublehanded i Oslo i juni, 2024. Men det er også viktig, for all seiling under NOR Rating, at vi har god kompetanse på båtmåling i Norge.
Se gjerne innføringen i et par vanskelige emner her:
  «Måling av deplasement og stabilitet».  


ORC Measurement Seminar – Oslo, Norway

ORC, the Norwegian Sailing Federation, and the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club invite you to a comprehensive two-day Measurement Seminar at Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, April 20-21, 2024. This is in preparation for the ORC DH Worlds being held in Oslo over June 8-16, 2024

Knowledge and Practice from Experts
The seminar will be led by ORC Chief Measurer Zoran Grubiša and Per Bøymo, the Norwegian ORC Chief Measurer. Participants will gain insights into the ORC rating system through various topics such as measurement procedures, data analysis, certificate processing, scoring and race management.

Weekend Agenda
• Friday, April 19 | 1900: General presentation of ORC for sailors, boat owners, race managers
• Saturday, April 20 | 1000 – 1700: Theory and practice on measuring – hull, appendages, propeller, rig, sails
• Sunday, April 21 | 1000 – 1700: Inclining and stability, analysis of results, and certificate processing

The general presentation on Friday is free. The seminar costs €15 per day, including lunch and coffee breaks.

Register Now!
Express your interest by sending an email to
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Join us for a weekend filled with in-depth knowledge about how the ORC’s IMS measurements system works in both theory and practice!